Results of Survey

Thank you to all of you who participated in our recent survey.

Most of you said that you were happy with RFT and didn't wish for it to change in any way.  Some of you made comments and we are able to respond to the most popular of these:

  • RFT should advertise itself more effectively: we are currently working on a marketing strategy but in the meantime please tell your friends/neighbours/colleagues about us. If you would like additional copies of our brochure (which should appear in early September) to pass on to others or if you would be prepared to deliver brochures in your area please email us (address below); 
  • RFT pricing policy: we are happy to confirm that there will be no increase in our prices for 2015-16. We will be offering a reduced membership price of £10 for undergraduate students joining at the beginning of the autumn term;
  • Comfort of seats in G10 (the large lecture theatre): during the summer break G10  is being completely refurbished. We are looking forward to coming back in the autumn to an entirely new-look theatre;
  • Showing adverts before films: this generates income for RFT. As a small independent cinema our only other income is from membership and ticket sales so we are eager to look at any other sources of income. We also receive a small grant through our designation as a Europa Cinema;
  • RFT policy on food and drink: we are not able to offer refreshments because these are available in Park House or at the University Library. The University's policy is not to allow the consumption of food and drink in G10 and our view is that our audience should be able to enjoy the film without the distraction of people in the next row consuming food and drink.

Our autumn season will start on Tuesday 29 September 2015 and we look forward to seeing you again after the break. Details of our new programme should appear on the website towards the end of August.