Reading Film Theatre makes new home in Reading Biscuit Factory

After over 50 years supporting independent cinema in Reading, Reading Film Theatre (RFT) is delighted to announce that it will continue to show the best in independent and foreign language films after being welcomed into the fold of the new Reading Biscuit Factory (RBF) situated in the centre of Reading.

RFT and RBF have agreed to show films selected by RFT once a fortnight on Wednesday evenings starting on Weds 27th April. The first film to be shown will be the French classic Amélie which was voted by RFT audiences their favourite film of the last 50 years .

For RFT, chair Juliet Hanfling said: “We were devastated when we had to close our doors at our old home at Reading University last year. The combination of the COVID pandemic and projection equipment failures had made it no longer viable to operate independently. We were delighted when RBF approached us to offer a new home and we look forward to continuing to show the best in independent, foreign film and classic cinema for the people of Reading.”

For RBF, General Manager Matt Ferguson said: “RBF is delighted to welcome RFT to our bustling community hub. Our comfortable three-screen cinemas plus bar and coffee shop provide a fantastic venue for RFT and its discerning audience members. We look forward to working with RFT to continue the long tradition of cinema in Reading.”

RBF’s Programme and Marketing Manager Federica Pugliese added: “For decades, Reading Film Theatre has been supporting independent cinema in town; we’re delighted to enable RFT to keep doing so in our venue. We’re very excited about this partnership, which will bring to Reading an excellent selection of arthouse titles and enrich our diverse film programme even further”.