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Film can be a powerful tool to inform and educate, as well as entertain us. Students on the University of Reading Marine Biology and Conservation Module worked in groups to create four-minute films to do just this. They wanted to raise awareness of the ecological impacts of human activities on a range of marine habitats, threats to marine and coastal ecosystems and also look at practical working solutions towards the conservation of these. We are pleased to present five of the best before some of the films this season. 

The short films to be shown are:

  • THE IMPORTANCE OF SEAGRASS MEADOWS to be shown with A Faithful Man on Thursday 10 October

  • PLASTICS: CLEANING UP OUR ACT to be shown with Mrs Lowry & Son on Tuesday 29 October

  • ECOTOURISM: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DEALING WITH IT to be shown with Bait on Thursday 7 November

  • OCEAN PLASTICS to be shown with Woman at War on Thursday 21 November

  • THE REALITIES OF SHARK FINNING to be shown with The Biggest Little Farm on Thursday 12 December         

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