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The Reunions 吉祥如意 – Online Screening

From Friday 30th April 2021

Comedy film director Dong Chengpeng went back to his rural hometown, Tonghua, Jilin Province, on a whim, hoping to make an art-house film about how his family celebrated the Chinese New Year. However, during the shooting of the film, the original main subject of the film, his grandmother, passed away due to illness and Dong Chengpeng had to change the original shooting plan. Then the members of the big family in Northeast China who got together because of the film, also ushered in the outbreak of a conflict on the first night of the New Year’s Eve after the loss of the old lady thus completing their last reunion party.

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China 2021. Written & directed by Chengpeng Dong | Chinese with English subtitles | N/C 12 | 1h 20m




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