Change to Programme – yet again!

Having found out that we were unable to get a copy of Almodovar's film, I'm So Excited, for next Tuesday, we were pleased to announce that we were going to show In The House instead. Unfortunately we have now been told by the distributors that this film is only available in digital format so we have had to make a last minute change to the programme yet again. On Tuesday June 18th therefore we will be showing The Snows of Kilimanjaro (which is not restricted to being available only in digital format). Some of you will remember that this film was due to be shown last season but had to be cancelled at the last minute due to problems with the room booking.  All tickets for this film will be sold at £5.

We apologise for the change to our programme. We are aware that there have been some occasional problems recently with the quality of the sound, also with the masking. We would ask you to be patient with us and we hope to have some further news shortly about our digital campaign.

We hope you enjoy this film!