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If Beale Street Could Talk

Tuesday 7th May 2019 - 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm, Palmer Building

In 1970s Harlem Tish and Fonny, friends from close families decide to marry. A spontaneous celebration, joyfully initiated by their fathers turns shockingly divisive, after Fonny’s fiercely religious mother protests. Then Fonny finds himself on a trumped-up rape charge. In a beautiful but unsettling affirmation of human love, loyalty and goodness – in the face of callous, ingrained prejudice – the film rages, quietly. The couple’s mutual love and affection remains ardently glowing, like an open fire.

There’s no resolution, no easy final scenes, creating a disconcerting and unsettling experience, of law and order hanging by a thread, failing the most vulnerable and dependent on the whims of unthinking and fearful keepers of a terrible peace.

USA 2018 – Directed by Barry Jenkins with Dave Franco, Ed Skrein, Pedro Pascal – 119 min

It’s a terrific film, as sinewy as it is sensuous, interweaving stark social-realist themes of prejudice, oppression and imprisonment with a poetic evocation of love, loss and, ultimately, transcendence – OBSERVER

Here is a film almost woozy with its own beauty and dignity, a film going transcendently high in the face of a racist world going low – THE GUARDIAN

Website: http://www.bealestreet.movie/


Category: 15, Crime, Drama, Romance

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