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Hawking (PG) + talk

Thursday 20th March 2014 - 7:30 pm - 9:45 pm, Palmer Building

Shown as part of Reading Science Week,

Introduced by Averil Macdonald, Professor of Science Communication from the University of Reading Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

This documentary, narrated in his own words by Stephen Hawking himself, via the Equaliser computer, gives telling glimpses into both the private and the public life of the most famous scientist of our times. Born in 1942, Hawking was only 21 when MND was diagnosed and he was given two years to live…Two marriages, two divorces and a glittering scientific career later, he was the keynote speaker at the Paralympic Games in 2012. His book, A Brief History of Time, is now enjoying its 25th anniversary.  Inspiring both sympathy and awe, the documentary offers an intensely personal portrait with rare insights into a beautiful mind, as well as a man with a fruity sense of humour.

Steven Hawkin is a household name with even an appearance on The Simpsons to underline his fame. One can easily call to name others – Einstein, Newton, Joule, Kelvin, Watt……but what is it that leads one scientist to become so memorable and others not. Surely the person who invented the windscreen wiper has a much impact on our everyday lives as Einstein…..but do you know who it was?  In this talk Avril MacDonanld will discuss the unsung treasures of science which can be the real inspiration for the next generation.

UK 2013 • directed by Stephen Finnigan • with Stephen Hawking, Nathan Chapple, Martin King, Joe Lovell, Finlay Macrae, Arthur Pelling • 94 minutes

This fascinating but workmanlike documentary, narrated by Hawking himself, makes a decent stab at presenting the whole man – THE TELEGRAPH

Si monumentum requiris, see this film – FINANCIAL TIMES




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