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Graduation (Bacalaureat)

Thursday 18th May 2017 - 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm, Palmer Building


Mungiu’s new film Bacalaureat is a masterly, complex movie of psychological subtlety and moral weight, about the choices people growing up under Ceausescu’s dictatorship make as they claw their way up. The generations can’t rid themselves of the acquired survival instincts: greasing the system was the only way forward.  So, the doctor protagonist of Graduation is one of characters who think of themselves as good people but his actions perpetuate society’s dysfunction. When he works his connections to ensure his daughter scores high marks on her finals, he triggers just one more cascade of corruption.

Romania-France-Belgium 2016 – Romanian with subtitles – directed by Cristian Mungiu – with Adrian Titieni, Maria-Victoria Drăgus, Lia Bugnar – 128 min

A five-star study of grubby bureaucratic compromise – THE GUARDIAN
A doctor greases the system in order to ensure his daughter aces her finals in Cristian Mungiu’s beautifully structured yet familiar look at a dysfunctional society – VARIETY




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