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Greek Tragedy on the Small Screen

Greek tragedy is ancient but always new, because the classic plays offer so many ways to explore our contemporary predicaments. Between 1958 and 1990 British TV channels showed dozens of films of Greek tragedy, beaming stories of war, revenge, and heroism directly into the home. This short season allows us to revisit some of the most exciting and historic productions. The three films are linked by the theme of the Trojan War and its aftermath.

Don Taylor’s 1990 Iphigenia at Aulis stars a magisterial Fiona Shaw in the story of war and sacrifice. Agamemnon from 1979 was the first in the series The Serpent Son, and features Diana Rigg as the wife who takes a terrible revenge on her all-conquering husband. The Electra that closes our season, which pursues the family of Agamemnon in the next, doomed generation, is a film of Dimitris Rondiris’ acclaimed touring production for Peiraïkon Theatre, and is shown in Modern Greek without subtitles – exactly as it was screened on ITV in 1962. Each film is introduced by an academic expert.

For more information please contact Barbara Goff, Department of Classics, b.e.goff@reading.ac.uk

All films are screened in the Minghella Cinema
Tickets are £8, £7 concessions, £5 RFT members.

Special Offer: book for all three events for £21, £18 concessions and £12 RFT members

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