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Bait (15)

Thursday 7th November 2019 - 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm, Palmer Building

Plus short Ecotourism: A Practical Guide to Dealing with it

Gentrification is the enemy in Bait, Mark Jenkin’s black and white drama set on Cornwall’s fishing coast. The philosophical and personal conflict between the local fishing industry and posh holiday homeowners brews in a stifling, terse atmosphere. This film is gorgeous to look at. Cornwall – a stunning region regardless – takes on a haunting, severe beauty when shot on monochrome film.

UK 2019 – directed by Mark Jenkin with Edward Rowe, Mary Woodvine, Giles King, Simon Shepherd – 89 mins

A genuine modern masterpiece – Mark Kermode

Hypnotic take on tourists ruining Cornwall – THE GUARDIAN



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