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A Private War

Tuesday 4th June 2019 - 7:45 pm - 10:05 pm, Palmer Building

“War is about what happens to people”. A Private War honours the Sunday Times journalist, Marie Colvin’s words in this immersive film which follows Colvin (Pike) in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sri Lanka, covering civilian suffering on the frontline until her death in Homs, Syria.  Pike’s impassioned portrayal of Colvin, on the battlefield or back in London, reveals a brave, deeply complex, flawed and forceful women whose account of the tragedy of war made her personal life a war zone. 

UK/USA 2018– Directed by Matthew Heineman with Tom Hollander, Rosamund Pike, Faye Marsay – 110 min

Heineman has made is a deeply distressing, authentically moving psychological study of unswerving obsession – NEW YORK TIMES

Pike once again throws herself into territory you imagine few other actors would dare to tread, tearing away at Colvin’s layers and baring her soul in a way that no documentary could. It is career-peak work, the truthful tour-de-force that Colvin deserves – EMPIRE

Website: https://www.aprivatewar.film/


Category: 15, Biography, Drama, War

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