RFT – Reading’s Independent Cinema

Good News from RFT!

We are planning to reopen RFT in September for our autumn season. More information about our programme and reopening plans will be available over the summer. In the meantime if you have any comments or suggestions about RFT we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us.

Online Films available

The 8th tells the story of Irish women and their fight to overturn one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the world. After a 35-year struggle the pro-choice side radically shift tactics to try to bring an historically conservative electorate over the line.

ONCE UPON A RIVER is the dramatic, stirring tale of Margo Crane on her journey along the Stark River, in search of her estranged mother. During her odyssey, she grows up fast and learns that family isn’t always connected by blood.


Comedy film director Dong Chengpeng went back to his rural hometown, Tonghua, Jilin Province, on a whim, hoping to make an art-house film about how his family celebrated the Chinese New Year. However, during the shooting of the film, the original main subject of the film – his grandmother, passed away due to illness, Dong Chengpeng had to change the original shooting plan. And the members of the big family in Northeast China who got together because of the film, also ushered in the outbreak of a conflict on the first night of the New Year’s Eve after the loss of the old lady. In the end, completed their last reunion party.


RFT 50th Anniversary Update

During 2020 we had hoped to provide a number of events to mark our 50th anniversary. Most of these will now be deferred to 2021 but we would like to share with you the short film made by one of our volunteers, Luigi Serino, to mark our significant anniversary.